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Mini Movies

New Kidswise Mini Movies are produced on a regualr basis.
These fantastic short films can be used as a Kid's Spot in church or as part of your lesson.
Please ensure your computer can both download and open mp4 file types before purchasing these Mini Movies.

Use of Kidswise Mini Movies in Online or Pre-recorded Services
For as long as churches around the world are unable to met due to the caronavirus, the following permission is extended.
1. You are allowed to share sections of Kidswise programs adapted for use by parents for as long as churches are unable to publicly meet.
2. You are allowed to use a Kidswise mini movie your church has purchased as a kids spot in a streaming online service or pre-recorded online service, however the Kidswise logo and credits must be shown every time it's shown.
3. If using a Kidswise script your church has purchased (under a current Kidswise Membership) as a kids spot in a streaming online service or prerecorded online service, you must reference that the material is produced by Kidswise.
4.  If you are sending Kidswise material home with parents, you must reference that it's Kidswise material.
5. Kidswise logo must not be stretched, skewed or distorted in any way. Do not recolour, add a drop shadow or add any other effects.

Please contact the Kidswise Manager (see Contact page) if you need the Kidswise logo and copyright information to attach to files.

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