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Prayer Cube

Prayer cubes aim to help children pray outloud. Children take turns in rolling the cube. Whichever face it lands on, children are encouraged to pray according to what it says. The cubes are great for children who are unsure about what to pray, or who pray the same prayer every time. 

There are various sets of cards that can be used in these cubes.

Some sets of cards give children the exact wording of a prayer (i.e. "Dear God I'm sorry for..."), some sets of cards are pictures of Bible stories they can turn into prayers (i.e. God rescued Moses), some sets of cards are pictures they can pray about (i.e. the sun - thank God for the daytime and all the things we do during the day), and some sets of cards are about the character of God (i.e. God knows everything - he knows how many hairs are on my head).


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