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Kidswise Terms and Conditions

Use of Kidswise Mini Movies in Online or Pre-recorded Services

For as long as churches around the world are unable to met due to the caronavirus, the following permission is extended.
1.You are allowed to share sections of Kidswise programs adapted for use by parents for as long as churches are unable to publicly meet.
2. You are allowed to use a Kidswise mini movie your church has purchased as a kids spot in a streaming online service or pre-recorded online service, however the Kidswise logo and credits must be shown every time it's shown.
3. If using a Kidswise script your church has purchased (under a current Kidswise Membership) as a kids spot in a streaming online service or prerecorded online service, you must reference that the material is produced by Kidswise.
4.  If you are sending Kidswise material home with parents, you must reference that it's Kidswise material.
5. Kidswise logo must not be stretched, skewed or distorted in any way. Do not recolour, add a drop shadow or add any other effects."

Please contact the Kidswise Manager (see Contact page) if you need the Kidswise logo and copyright information to attach to files.
  1. Kidswise Membership - Terms and Conditions

Kidswise Membershipallows members to have unlimited downloads in the options nominated (see below for options) and paid for at the time membership was taken out. The Member is entitled to reproduce sufficient copies of files downloaded in order to use them effectively.

Options include:
Children’s Talk
Children’s Talk, Audio
Children’s Talks, School-age Programs (including Training Papers, Resources)
Children’s Talks, School-age Programs, Audio (including Training Papers, Resources)

Individual Membershipentitles the member to use Kidswise material for their personal use only. The individual does not have permission to share the material with others within their church/school or any other context.
School or Church Membershipentitles all teachers within the school/church that took out the membership to use the Kidswise material when teaching children of that school/church. Teachers are not permitted to share this material with teachers from other schools/churches (or other organisations).
Audio Membershipentitles the members to download all the audio files to use at home or as part of a church/school program. No profit can be made from Audio files.

  1. Kidswise Training - Terms and Conditions

 Booking into aKidswise Training Day or Network Day requires full payment prior to the day. Refund of fee will only occur if the training event is cancelled.

  1. Store Items - Terms and Conditions

Under Fives and Club programs can be purchased in the Kidswise Store. The purchase of these programs entitles the purchaser to reproduce sufficient copies of the material in order to use them. The purchaser is permitted to share material with teachers within their church or school. However, they are not permitted to share this material with teachers from other schools/churches (or other organisations).

Mini Movies can be purchased in the Kidswise Store. The purchase of Mini Movies entitles the purchaser to show the Mini Movies for personal use and when teaching children (school, church or other Christian organisations). No profit can be made from the showing of these Mini Movies. Purchasers cannot pass these movies onto other people or organisations.

  1. Copyright

    All material on this web site is copyright to Kidswise. The material on this web site may only be downloaded and reproduced for members or purchasers to use. You are prohibited from communicating to the public any images on this web site without written consent.
  2. Disclaimer
    Kidswise does not accept any responsibility for any loss, injury or damage whether directly of indirectly connected with any Kidswise resource or program. 
  3. Privacy Policy

We respect each site visitor's right to privacy.
We collect information (name, e-mail address, contact details, credit card numbers, expiry dates...) in order to create Kidswise Memberships, take bookings for Training Days, and sell products via the Kidswise Store.
Note: the information is never shared with other organisations for commercial purposes.
This site collects cookies.
The information is used:
- to improve the content on the web site
- for billing purposes
- to fill customer's Membership details
- to send Newsletters informing Members of additional resources as well as up and coming events 

  1. Credit Card Refund Policy

Examples of Kidswise resources are available free for viewing prior to becoming a member. Therefore no refunds will be offered after membership has been taken out. However, if you have any problems or concerns please contact Sandy. 

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