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The Kidswise Team

Sandy Galea is both the writer and producer of the material available on Kidswise. This includes programs, kid’s talks, e-books, resources and mini movies.

Maggie Ha designs the majority of the visual resources available on Kidswise.

Matt Carsen-Driver films and edits the mini movies available in the Kidswise Shop.

Daniel Cooke illustrates the majority of the speed drawing mini movies available in the Kidswise Shop.

Kitty Chan illustrates the under fives picture books and some of the mini movies available in the Kidswise Shop.

Jo Bailey and Joan Cooke faithfully edit all the resources on Kidswise.

Madeleine Galea, Kidswise Manager, is responsible for promotions, co-ordinating Training Days, handling general enquiries and keeping Sandy sane.

Leanne Smith, Assistant Manager, is responsible for assisting the Kidswise Manager. 


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