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Answering Questions Kids Ask About Heaven

#1: What is heaven? 
Heaven is where God is. That’s why we pray… Our Father in heaven… Heaven is also where God’s people go to be with him. When Jesus comes back, God will make a new heaven and new earth and God will come down and live with us. 

#2: Will my friends be in heaven? 
Not everyone gets to go to heaven. God only promises to live with his people. So everyone who says ‘yes' to Jesus now will one day get to live with God in heaven. 
(Revelation 21:3, 27)

#3: Can heaven get full? 
No. Jesus said that he’d go ahead and prepare a place for everyone who follows him. So every person who trusts Jesus has a place booked for them in heaven. No one will miss out. (John 14:1-4)

#4: Will I get bored in heaven? 
Impossible! The Bible says that heaven is like a party that never ends. (Luke 14, Is 25) You’ll never want to leave this party - ever! And remember, Jesus didn’t die on the cross so that you’d be bored.

#5: What won’t be in heaven? Satan, sin and sadness (Revelation 21:3, 27). No one will cry, get hurt or be sick. No one will die - ever. We won't need tissues, bandages or medicine. We won’t need doctors, police or soldiers. Wars will stop. There won’t be any swords or spears, guns or bombs. How good is that! (Isaiah 2:1-5)

#6: Can we go to heaven now? 
It’s so good that you know God’s heaven is the best place to be. But God is the one who decides when he will take us to be with him. (Parents, don’t be alarmed when kids say they want to go to heaven now. They’re not suicidal. They’re just expressing their child-like trust that heaven is a great place to be.)

#7: Can you have babies in heaven? Mum won't be your Mum in heaven. And Dad won’t be your Dad in heaven. Everyone will be brothers and sisters. No one will be married, so no babies will be born. We will all be Jesus’ brothers and sisters. No one will be born - just like no one will die. (Matthew 22:30)

#8: Will my dog go to heaven?
There will be animals in the new heaven and new earth, but the Bible never tells us if our dog will be in heaven. The Bible does say that animals won’t hurt us or attack each other in heaven. Animals will live in peace, just like us. In fact we can put our hand in a snake hole and never be bitten - ever! (Isaiah 11) But don’t do that now will you!

#9: How old will I be in heaven?
God will give his people new bodies when they get to heaven. New bodies that will never get tired or sick - bodies that will never break or die. But even though the bodies are new, we will still be able to see who each person is. But the Bible never tells us how old we’ll be in heaven. All we know is that our bodies won’t grow old anymore. (1 Corinthians 15)

#10: Where do you go after heaven?
No where. Heaven never ends, just like God never ends. And we’ll never want it to end. Because in heaven we get to see God face to face and enjoy him forever. And that’s the best part about heaven! (Revelation 21:3,25; 22:3-5) 

by Sandy Galea
© 2016 Kidswise

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