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#1: Read David Helm’s The Big Picture Big Story and see where 1 & 2 Samuel fits into the Bible’s big story. Also, read through the stories of 1 & 2 Samuel found in The Beginners Bible or The Jesus Story Book Bible (see Recommended Resources below).

#2: Select favourite stories from 1 & 2 Samuel and create dioramas for one or more of them. Be sure children get the details of each story right by reading appropriate sections of the text out to them. Use the diorama to retell each story to each other.

#3: Investigate the story of David and Goliath in detail. Read it, listen to it, create a diorama, make a life size Goliath and see how each family
measures up, read comic versions of the story (see Recommended Resources below), dress up and retell the story, create a clay machine of the story, make your own comic version of the story…

#4: Look up the definition of prophet and priest in the back of the International Children’s Bible. Write your own definition of the word, king. Who were the prophets, priests and kings in 1 & 2 Samuel? Were they good or bad prophets/priests/kings? Who is God’s perfect prophet/priest/king? Why is Jesus our perfect prophet/priest/king?

#5: Create a series of cards (can be pictures, words or both) with stories from 1 & 2 Samuel. As a family, put the cards in order to create a timeline and retell the story of 1 & 2 Samuel.

#6: Each week as you drive home from church, discuss what you each learnt - from the kids talk, from the sermon. Listen carefully to the conclusions of the kids talk for age appropriate language with which to discuss the story with your child.

#7: Download the Audio Bible for Kids from the web site (see Recommended Resources below, suitable for children aged 7 plus). As a family listen to the dramatic readings of passages from 1 & 2 Samuel for family devotions.

#8: Purchase Phil Vischer’s DVD, Buck Denver Asks… What’s In The Bible? Volume 5 (a great DVD for school aged kids)

#9: Write a poem or rhyming story about a character or a story from 1 & 2 Samuel. To get inspired, read some rhyming stories from The Rhyme Bible Storybook, by L.J Sattgast.

#10: As you read through the books of 1 & 2 Samuel make a list of everything you learn about God’s character. Stop and praise God for everything on that list every now and again.

Ten Tips by Sandy Galea© 2014 Kidswise

Note: these ten tips were written to help parents in our church partner with us as we took our school age children (along with our adults)
through the books of 1 & 2 Samuel. Both units (1 Samuel and 2 Samuel) are now available in Kidswise Membership.

Recommended Resources
International Children’s Bible, published by Nelson Word Bibles (a must have Bible for family devotions for school age children)
The Big Picture Bible Story, by David Helm (teaches kids the Bible’s big story)
The Beginner’s Bible, illustrated by Kelly Pulley (3 to 6 years)
The Jesus Story Book Bible, by Sally Lloyd Jones (6 years plus)
The Action Bible, by David C. Cook (7 plus)
The Rhyme Bible Storybook, by L.J Sattgast (6 plus)
Audio Bible for Kids Select English, then 2001 English Standard KIDZ Bible Audio Drama, and hit download. Great for family devotions for children aged 7 and older.
Buck Denver Asks…What’s In The Bible? Volume 5 DVD by Phil Vischer
Crossroads Kids Club - A great web site full of free resources to explore David and Goliath as a family.

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