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Kidswise passion is to see kids lives transformed through Jesus Christ to the glory of God.

We aim to resource and equip people for the task of speaking God’s truth into the lives of children everywhere.

Kidswise Training

Kidswise offers training for people passionate about ministry to children - both paid staff and volunteers.

Training options:

  • host a Kidswise Training Day
  • book into a Kidswise Training Day
  • book a Kidswise Consultancy session (one-to-one training)


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Kidswise Membership

When a church takes out a yearly subscription to Kidswise Membership, everyone on your team has access to a multitude of downloadable resources:

  • school age programs
  • kid’s talks
  • stencil masters
  • gospel tracks
  • training papers


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Kidswise Shop

The Shop is where you purchase cyclic programs and resources:

  • club programs (weekly and holiday clubs)
  • under fives programs
  • mini movies
  • eBooks


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" Kidswise seeks to resource and support people involved in every aspect of children's ministry "

Why people love...

Kidswise Training

"Sandy's training is the best I have experienced. What marks her out is a combination of experience and strategic thinking. Sandy has managed to analyse what she does well so that others can replicate it. As a result, her training is clear and also full of colourful, real life stories that illustrate and inspire. The training Sandy delivered to our group of paid Church Children's Workers was by far and away the most helpful we have ever had, and I was delighted that there was a record number of people there to hear it."

Ed Drew, Children's Worker, Dundonald Church, London, UK

Kidswise Membership

"Just wanted to let you know how terrific we are finding Kidswise resources at our church. We've just had our peak tourist season here and almost every week people from all over Australia have made comments about how great they thought the children's talks were... we keep referring them to the Kidswise website!"

Rachael, Kalbarri, Western Australia

Kidswise Shop

"Children of all ages are so captivated by the quick drawing in the Kidswise mini movies - you can hear a pin drop! They are a perfect length, and can be used to sum up a lesson or as a spring board into discussion. In a very visual era these clips speak the younger generation's language and are absolutely gold!"

Rosemary McGowen, Orange District SRE Secretary and Teacher, Orange NSW

Partnership With Parents

If a church has children, then it has a ministry to children - even before any program is established, any leadership team raised, any curriculum sourced, any resource bought. And the primary way a church establishes an effective children’s ministry is by equipping the primary shepherds of children - their parents.

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The Surprising Grief In Kid’s Ministry

This is not what I signed up for.... This is not what I thought ministry to children would be like.... What turns someone, clearly gifted with children, to feeling lost and insecure after stepping up to lead the children’s ministry in their church? Why do they begin to doubt their long-term future in this role?

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Kidswise Membership will open up a wealth of resources for your children's ministry.

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